How I Downloaded & Preserved 7,835 Photos & Videos with ONE Click!

I have a confession to make. I had hundreds, ok thousands, of photos and videos saved on not one computer, not two computers, but yes, three different computers. I know it wasn’t the smartest thing, but hear me out…

When I would stop and think about sitting down and searching through all my files and folders to find every photo and video to backup & protect, I’d get dizzy trying to figure out where to start. My head would start swimming with all the work that needed to be done – I couldn’t imagine spending hours upon hours searching for and saving thousands of memories. Then if I wanted to organize everything for easy referencing later…ugh.

And multiply all that tedious work and effort by 3 computers! I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it.

Oh, and then there was the dilemma of what do I use to backup everything up? A flash drive? An external hard drive? Maybe use a cloud service? Or hire a professional organizer (yep, they exist)? Thinking about everything was just way too much to handle…

I would immediately get overwhelmed and frustrated and just say FORGET IT

But of course, I would eventually play the ‘What If’s’ in my head… What if the house burns down? What if my computer crashes? What if there’s a natural disaster? What if I wanna finally make that Family DVD I’ve been talking about for years? What if…what if…what if!

What if there was one of those big red ‘easy’ buttons I could press and have everything done for me!

Well, believe it or not, there is!

After much research, finding nothing, and thinking it was hopeless, my dear friend Claudia discovered the perfect little device. She calls it a ‘Smart’ Flash Drive…I call it my big ‘EASY’ button. And here’s why…

The Device I’m Talking About Is Called…

ThePhotoStick and while it looks like an ordinary Flash Drive…trust me, it’s anything but ordinary!

All you do is plug ThePhotoStick into your computer, hit the big green ‘GO’ button and you’re done. All those hours I talked about searching, sorting, dragging-n-dropping, and organizing…it’s ALL DONE FOR YOU in minutes!

Watch the video Claudia and I put together that shows how easy ThePhotoStick is to use…

5 Things We Ended Up Loving About ThePhotoStick

1. Simply Click ‘GO’ & Walk Away!
Forget sitting in front of your computer for hours on end dragging and dropping photos into a regular flash drive. Once I clicked ‘GO’, I could walk away and do something productive with my time – YAY!!! So instead of spending 5, 10, 20 HOURS OR MORE doing it yourself, you can go for a walk, eat lunch, or take a nap, and when you’re done…

…all your photos & video are backed up and protected on one convenient device WITHOUT you lifting a finger!

2. Searches Your Entire Computer For You
ThePhotoStick has software that searches all your files and folders throughout your entire computer in minutes! As it finds your videos and images, it downloads them to ThePhotoStick, or the ‘magic stick’ as I also like to call it because of all the time and hassle it saves you! Yep, kinda makes you feel like this…

3. Automatically Filters Out Duplicates
It’s hard enough finding all the photos and videos, but can you image if you were doing this manually and decided to skip duplicates to maximize space? No way! That’d be crazy. But ThePhotoStick automatically recognizes duplicates and filters them – no wasted space, no wasted time, no wasted sanity!

4. Automatically Sorts Memories By Each Computer
Now, if you’re like me and have more than one computer to consider, this feature comes in really handy. When you backup photos & videos from more than one computer, it organizes them according to the computer they came from – making it easy to know what came from where!

Here’s a screenshot of one of my computers and my husband’s computer backed up on ThePhotoStick…

ThePhotoStick sorts and organizes files according to the computer they came from for easy referencing later.

Look how clean and easy it is to identify all those photos and videos. Imagine how many folders or random places those videos were stored and now they’re all right there for easy viewing.

5. Now I’m Ready For Any Emergency
You know the question people like to ask, “What’s the first thing you’d grab from your home to save in case of an emergency?” Of course, most people say they’d grab photos, computer with photos, lockbox with photos, – anything with photos because they’re irreplaceable.

Well, I can easily slide this tiny powerful little device into my fireproof safe, and BAM…ALL MY FAMILY MEMORIES ARE PROTECTED from natural disasters. Now I can focus on getting my family to safety knowing the 2 most important things in my life are safe & secure – my family & my family’s memories!

Not Sure Yet? Don’t Worry, We Weren’t Either Until We Saw Some Of These Other Great Reviews…

Wondering Where You Can Get Your PhotoStick?

Don’t fall for cheap knockoffs that don’t work. Save yourself the headache and get ThePhotoStick from their official website here!

Sounds Great Right? But Wondering How Much It Is?

Well, I think we established that the mental cost of DIY is too expensive…we have better things to do with our time, right?

You could pay $120 to $600 PER YEAR, EVERY YEAR for a cloud-based service – and you still have to do it yourself AND there are security issues to consider!

You could also take out a second mortgage to pay the $1,000 to $3,000 for a professional service to do it for you depending on how many photos & videos you have – OUCH, are you kidding me?!

Or for a ONE TIME purchase, you can simply get ThePhotoStick and store up to a whopping 60,000 photos & videos – that way you have it for future photos & videos you're sure to want to add later! No monthly fees, no second mortgage required, and it won’t ever crash on you!


As of April 18, 2024, it looks like they’re still offering you ThePhotoStick in various sizes at deep discounts – you can even get their top of the line 128GB at over 50% OFF + FREE Shipping (how many computers can you backup with 128GB? A lot I suspect). [Get Your PhotoStick Today!]

With ThePhotoStick, ONE Click Will Do The Trick (seriously, it’s like magic)!

Once overwhelmed and paralyzed by what to do, I’m now free thanks to the magic of ThePhotoStick! It truly made the nearly impossible task of backing up and protecting thousands of family memories from my computer not just possible, but ridiculously easy! If you’re like Claudia and I used to be – overwhelmed and paralyzed by where to start, what to use, how to do it – then as silly as it sounds, ThePhotoStick is a dream come true! It was for us!

But you always have a choice! If you have the time and want to do it yourself or want to pay to have it done, more power to you. But for Claudia and I, once we found this little ‘magic stick’, our choice was clear – ThePhotoStick all the way!

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