How to Backup Your Photos The Ridiculously Easy Way

Normally, computers frustrate the absolute life out of me. 

I’ve lost so many files. Seen the blue screen of death more times than I can count. 

I had absolutely no faith in my ability to learn how to use new technology. 

I also want to mention that I’m a successful, college-educated working professional…  

…But for whatever reason, my brain was just not wired to fix computer problems. 

The other day, my daughter asked me to send her a picture I had saved on the computer. I couldn’t find this picture ANYWHERE. 

It was lost in a mountain of folders inside folders. This thing was just not coming back. 

This wasn’t even with a crash or a blue screen of death! 

Even though people lose their pictures this way mine was somehow buried, or lost in the abyss of the computer. 

My daughter ended up sending me something called The PhotoStick and I can’t believe how much it changed everything. 

Not only did I find the picture I was looking for, but I successfully backed up each and every photo on my computer into one organized spot.

The best part? It was so incredibly easy. 

It took mere seconds to start working and I didn’t have to know a single thing about computers, all thanks to The PhotoStick (and my daughter, for telling me about it). 

If you need to back up your memories – as we all MUST do – and don’t have the time and patience to manually find every single image you want to save, I highly recommend giving The PhotoStick a try.

What The PhotoStick Is

The PhotoStick is a tiny little device that looks just like a USB. 

But the real beauty of The PhotoStick is the genius software that’s built in. 

Software, by the way, that you never have to actually download or do anything complicated to get. 

It’s pocket-sized, easy to use, and effective.

What The PhotoStick Does

The PhotoStick is the perfect system for backing your precious memories and photos up, no matter how experienced you are with computers. 

It will fit right into any USB port of any computer. 

The PhotoStick will arrive shortly after you order it, so just take it out of the package and plug it in. 

The PhotoStick will be your tool to backup your photos. 

The software it comes with will know exactly which files on your computer are photos and movies that need to be protected and saved. 

This means the PhotoStick will scour your entire computer instantaneously for photos hidden in all the random places of your machine. 

It’s also smart enough to know which pictures are duplicates, so you won’t ever waste any space by accidentally saving the same photo twice. 

This also means that you won’t have to figure out which new photos needed to be added next time you backup – The PhotoStick will already know.

The Easy Way To Get Started With the PhotoStick

Right when The PhotoStick arrives, it’s ready to use. There’s no need to charge it or anything, just plug it right into the USB port of your computer. 

Once you do this, The PhotoStick application will pop up in just a few seconds. Click on that. 

Next, you’ll have the option to choose which type of computer you’re working from: a Mac or a PC. If you’re using a Mac, click that. If not, click the PC.

No Matter Which Computer You Have, The PhotoStick Works The Same Way

Next, you’ll see The PhotoStick’s real power. Just click the giant green button that says “GO” and your PhotoStick will automatically start saving everything you should be saving. 

Instantly, all of your photos are sorted and you’ll be notified with the number of photos that need to be saved. 

No more spending countless hours trying to find your precious memories, The PhotoStick makes it that easy!

You Don’t Have To Know Anything About File Types

The PhotoStick knows how to differentiate between the various file types of you, in order to save what are memories- things like photos and videos. It will know not to save your documents, etc. 

You’ve probably heard of things like .mov, .jpeg, or .mp4. These are basically just ways for the computer to understand which type of file you’re saving. 

In other words, is it a picture, a movie, an audio file, a document, or something else?

If the answer to any file type question is “picture” or “movie,” The PhotoStick will automatically know to save it.

Why The PhotoStick Works So Well

When you have software that understands different file types like The PhotoStick does, you’ll be able to save countless hours for a few key reasons.

1. Because it reads files, it can also recognize duplicates! 

This means you’ll save tons of time because you won’t have to look for duplicates yourself. 

You’ll also save a ton of storage space, because saving the same photo twice would be a total waste. 

2. Because it understands files, it can understand which pictures were already saved!

Again, this is a huge time-saver. 

Let’s say you backup your pictures, but then months later you have tons of new pictures added, you just can’t remember which ones were already backed up. 

The PhotoStick works as your second memory.

3. Understanding files also helps it to do all of the searching for you.

Like I said before, the .mp4 vs .jpeg nonsense isn’t something you even have to worry about. 

The engineers behind The PhotoStick made sure that it could automatically sort these files for you and understand exactly which ones are memories worth protecting.

The Simple Way to Keep Your Memories Safe

The fact that The PhotoStick is so simple to use makes me want to use it all the time. 

This, in turn, ends up keeping more and more of my pictures protected. 

Instead of having to manually save all of your photos, where you would likely miss things anyway, The PhotoStick is a lightning-fast, reliable little tool that does it for you. 

You can even leave it running in the background while you use your computer for whatever else you want. 

When you’re done, just unplug it, and you’re good to go. 

It also makes for the perfect travel companion so you can save your photos on the go. The device is so small that you can easily store it anywhere, so just put it somewhere safe.

All of your memories are on it!

It’s such an amazing product that I’d even suggest getting an extra The PhotoStick for someone else that you care about, so they can keep their memories safe too.

Take It From Me, Backing Up Isn’t Worth Doing Yourself:

Caption: My son and my grandson!

You’re going to want some help. 

Your memories are too important to risk. 

The pictures and videos of your family, friends, and surroundings aren’t something to just wait until later to get around to protecting. 

It’s time to act now. 

And The PhotoStick even offers a money-back guarantee, so on the off-chance things don’t work out, you can always get your money back. 

That said, everyone seems to love this thing. It’s pretty obvious as soon as you plug it in how easy it really is!

If you’re looking for an easy, stress-free way to store your precious photos, then I highly recommend trying the PhotoStick.

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