Consumer Alert: Florida Woman Learns Devastating Lesson About Saving Family Photos & Videos On Your Computer!

Exclusive – Sue Boyle, a New York grandmother who recently retired to warm, sunny Florida with her husband Jim, was enjoying some photos of her grandchildren her daughter just sent via email.

She had just copied the photos and videos from the email to one of a dozen various desktop folders loaded with family memories collected over the years when a typical Florida afternoon storm erupted.

A nearby lightning strike fried the house’s circuit breaker, sending a surge of power to her computer. Not realizing at first what happened, Sue pressed her computer’s power button – nothing. She pressed it again – still nothing.

That’s when it hit her like a ton of bricks. The computer was fried. Completely wiped out and everything on it was gone – just like that!

Her grandchildren’s birthday parties, holiday gatherings, beach & hiking trips, her and Jim’s 50th-anniversary celebration…GONE…forever.

A sense of dread washed over her. She became sick to her stomach and started crying. After all, what would Jim say? Was there something she could’ve done to prevent it?

Devastated and fighting back tears, Sue explained to Jim what just happened. Jim smiled and interrupted her, “Honey, everything’s fine. Remember we got ThePhotoStick before we moved. I backed up and saved everything beforehand. We haven’t lost anything.”

And just like that, Sue’s tears of despair and sadness turned to tears of relief and joy. She had completely forgotten about ThePhotoStick. And now, she’d NEVER been so thankful!

That seemingly practical purchase now surely saved her hours, if not days, of emotional grief!

What Is PhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is a powerful little device that looks like your typical memory stick, but there’s nothing typical about this magical little device. Why? Because…

With just ONE little click, ThePhotoStick:

  • Automatically searches your entire computer for all your photos & videos – saving you hours of tedious, painstaking work!
  • Automatically organizes all your photos & videos by sorting and saving them according to the computer they came from (for easy reference later).
  • Instantly safeguards years of family photos & videos on one convenient device – BONUS: Unlike your computer, ThePhotoStick can’t crash or get corrupted – EVER!

FRIGHTENING FACT: Did you know that every week a whopping 140,000 hard drives are corrupted and crash in the United States?  That’s 20,000 hard drive crashes every day!

ThePhotoStick is the easiest, fastest way to protect your family’s most cherished moments!

How Easy Is It To Use?

As Easy As 1-2-3

Step 1: Plug ThePhotoStick into your computer (works for both Mac and Windows).

Step 2: Open the program.

Step 3: Click “GO”…and you’re DONE!

Imagine protecting as many as 60,000 photos and videos WITHOUT doing anything!

While ThePhotoStick works its magic, you can go watch your favorite show, read a book, go for a walk, take a nap – do anything but sit in front of a computer for hours doing what ThePhotoStick can do for you in minutes!

Watch How Easy It Is To Use Here…

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, Sue would tell you that ThePhotoStick could’ve cost her $300 and she wouldn’t have thought twice about it after her near-disastrous experience. Fortunately, INSTANTLY backing up and protecting your precious memories starts at a super low price! But if you’re like most people who have (or plan to have) thousands of photos & videos, you’ll probably want to get the larger sizes for all the memories you’ve collected!

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, the creators of ThePhotoStick are so confident you’ll love using it that they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee! So you have nothing to lose – except potentially a lifetime of photos and videos if you don’t act soon!

Where Can I Get One?

Don’t fall for cheap knockoffs that put your memories at risk! To get the real ThePhotoStick, go to their official website here.


Right now you can get up to 40% SAVINGS when you buy ThePhotoStick!

Even better…as of today, when you buy one, you can get an EXTRA 40% SAVINGS on each additional ThePhotoStick you get. That’s right! Another 40% OFF for each one! That’s HUGE savings!

Plus, if you have TENS OF THOUSANDS of videos & photos like most people do, you’re gonna need more than one!

833 Computers Crash Every HOUR – Don’t Wait Til It’s Too Late!

Sure, it may never happen to you. And you’re welcome to take that chance. But is it really worth the risk of possibly losing some of the greatest family moments you, and your family, will ever have? Not when ThePhotoStick can quickly, easily, and affordably protect them all for you!

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